The Top 15 Useful Environmental Websites In The UK

If the environment is something that is important to you or you would like to find out more information about the laws, policies or statistics in the UK, we have put together a collection of some of the most useful websites you will find online.

These websites and organisations all share a common goal and that is improving the health of our planet. They strive for a better environment, push for more action to fight against climate change and aim to educate as many people as possible on the current environmental plights that face the planet.

The list is in no particular order but each and every website is worth checking out.

To learn all about the current legislation regarding the environmental laws in the UK, is the website you should be going to. This is the government’s official website and will provide you with all of the information you need.

Green Alliance

Formed in 1979, Green Alliance is both a charity and a leading independent think-tank that strives to continually push for improved environmental laws and policies in the UK. The website also likes to keep people right up to date with the latest environmental news.

National Association for Environmental Education

The National Association for Environmental Education has spent the last 50 years supporting the education given across the board with regards to the environment. The NAEE is also an Incorporated Charitable Organisation that pushes for children to be educated about the environment as early as possible.

Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is an NPG advocates green energy solutions in the UK. Primarily focused on educating people on how to reduce the energy they are using, this leading organisation is a great place to learn what you can do to help the fight against climate change.

Friends of the Earth

Through various campaigns such as reducing air pollution, saving the British bee and other important environmental issues, the Friends of the Earth organisation hopes to play its part in helping the environment.

British Ecological Society

As the worlds oldest ecological society, the British Ecological Society aims to ensure that as many people as possible are educated on all types of ecological matters. They have more than 6,400 members around the world which all work hard to advance ecological science.

Ethical Consumer

Ethical Consumer strives to promote sustainability in business practices by having a greener approach for their products. The website gives a rating to more than 40,000 products which give consumers the ability to see how green they are before buying.

The Wildlife Trusts

With more than 800,000 members spread across close to 50 different groups across the UK, the Wildlife Trusts are responsible for protecting various natural environments. Whether parks, woods or nature reserves, these trusts will fight to keep them protected.

Keep Britain Tidy

Littering on our streets is another contributor to the damage being done to our environment and since 1955, Keep Britain Tidy has worked hard to reduce it. Through education and campaigning, they continuously spread the word that littering and waste is something that needs to be dealt with more efficiently and at reduced risks to the environment.

Recycle Now

Recycle Now is a government-funded campaign that was first launched in 2004. More than 90% of local authorities in England use Recycle Now which aims to educate people on how to effectively recycle their waste.

Renewable UK

The sole aim of Renewable UK, a renewable energy trade association, is to increase the number of homes that are using green energy. This is energy that is created via renewable sources such as the wind and sun that do not have a negative effect on the environment.

Committee on Climate Change

As a public body that advises the UK government on issues such as climate change and building a low-carbon economy, the Committee on Climate Change is another excellent website to look at.

Institution of Environmental Sciences

Founded back in 1971, the Institution of Environmental Sciences has a strong focus on promoting sustainable development in order to help protect nature in the UK. While the UK is its main focal point, this charity now works on an international basis as well.

Campaign to Protect Rural England

Focusing mainly on waste management, transport and energy, Campaign to Protect Rural England is a charity that works to protect the UK’s countrysides.

Environmental Law Foundation

This charity has the Prince of Wales as its president and the core mission of the Environmental Law Foundation is to help educate people on lesser-known environmental matters that might not make the biggest of headlines in the media.